A safety talk, also known as safety moment, safety minute or a toolbox talk, is a direct way to remind workers about the importance of their health and safety. They focus on those topics which affect the team. It’s like a quick overview of some of the most important considerations. Let’s talk about some of the safety toolbox topics which are useful to know.

Attitude And Safety

Whatever you do, be it talking to your boss, or co-workers, your attitude makes up your character in the eyes of others. Having a negative attitude can lead to taking up shortcuts, that essentially can have an impact yours, as well as your co-worker’s health a safety.

To remove a negative attitude or character, one has to put self-awareness into action. Always address an issue that could harm yours, as well as others, wellbeing. If you have any problems with your co-workers, speak with them and solve them. It can help you be a person with a positive attitude and good character. Always try to recognise the source of such a negative attitude and try to address it.

First Aid Preparedness

It is often possible that a co-worker of yours has got an injury that needs immediate medical attention. You should be aware of certain basic guidelines, so that you can help your co-worker to get some instant medical care for their injury. You should understand the hazards of the type of work you are going to do. You should be attentive when safety training meetings are held and understand every guideline, they say to handle a particular emergency. Always be informed about the emergency response information available in your area of work. Be prepared with a backup plan so that you don’t get into a critical situation when your go-to plan doesn’t work. All these bits of information can save the life of your co-worker. First Aid is one of the safety toolbox topics to cover at most workplaces.

Electrical Safety

Electrical hazards can affect most workplaces, even farming. It is important to be aware of the electrical hazards related to the activities you are carrying out as part of your work. Damaged insulation, overhead power lines, lightning, faulty equipment and improper grounding, are some of the reasons which can lead to electrical hazards. If you have to carry out any excavation work, always be aware of the plans for the area and if there are any power lines in the ground. Never use electrical equipment with wet hands and try to keep the panels and electrical boxes under check. Always respect the danger that electricity can pose. One of the ways to mitigate risks, is to carry out an electrical safety toolbox talk.

Common Issues with Fire Extinguishers

In the case of a fire, fire extinguishers are essential equipment. However, if fire extinguishers are not maintained or properly taken care of, they might not work as intended. Worker should be aware of the issues related to fire extinguishers, so that they are in proper condition when needed. The bottom of a fire extinguisher can rust, leading to leakage. Seals can deteriorate due to non-use for long periods. Thus they should be inspected each year and before their use. Moderate temperatures are required for its storage to avoid pressure loss.

Distractions due to Smartphones when Not in Use

Another one of the relevant safety toolbox topics is the use of smartphones at work. The present world remains too busy with smartphones and it’s quite obvious that they can distract us while doing our tasks. An example of this, is when a worker decides to take a call or go through information on the phone while walking on a busy construction site. Scenarios like this has a huge impact on health and safety at work and can be avoided through a mobile phone toolbox talk.

Being Observant

As a worker, one should always prioritise the task and get rid of the surrounding distractions. The more you are observant of a particular task, the better you perform. It is a quality that teaches us to respect and provide value to every detail of a task. Detailing is important for a job to be done in a good way.

New Employees

Often new employees are seen as a liability to the company. However, studies show, a new employee follow the rules more than others. They also have a different vision of the hazards that may occur at the workplace. However, even if the employee is highly experienced, a company should always provide training, mentoring and kept new employees under supervision.

Cost of Drugs on Jobs

Drug abuse is a concern for not only the person who is consuming it, but also to his co-workers. If you are a co-worker to a person who is a drug abuser, do speak with the supervisor. It is of immediate concern either to help the person with their addiction or to not allow the person to continue their work. Safety toolbox topics to cover this, would be to conduct a drug and alcohol toolbox talk.

These are some of the most important and useful safety toolbox topics that should be known by every organisation.

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