Constant vibration can have permanently damaging effects on the workers and so to keep them safe, a vibration toolbox talk can be very beneficial. There are a lot of jobs that have multiple types of vibratory tools. In construction we have jackhammers, drill motors, chippers, chainsaws, mowers, and grinders amongst many other tools that can seriously cause damage if used without any precautions and safety instructions.

There are multiple industries that require tools that emit intense vibrations like agriculture industry, construction, forestry, shipyards, and manufacturing industries. In order to keep the workers safe from severe damage to their health over time, you need to make them understand the importance of following the safety instructions for the equipment while working with such tools.

Prolonged use of tools that cause vibrations can affect not only the hands and arms, but the whole body. There is a particular disease which is caused by severe vibrations known as Vibration White Finger (VWF) in which particular fingers of a person turn white due to excessive vibration slows down the blood circulation to these fingers and so they become white and might stop working altogether.

Inform People About the Severity of the Matter in the Vibration Toolbox Talk

People sometimes tend to ignore safety toolbox talks for certain things, but an effectively written toolbox talk will make sure the people are engaged and interested in what they are being told.

Start by keeping things simple but don’t forget to mention the disastrous outcomes and impact vibration can have. Tell the people about how it can affect their daily lives and if they keep ignoring the safety talks, then they might end up in an extreme condition, with functionality of their hand fully lost.

Integrate the Diseases and Health Problems Caused by Vibrations

Whether we accept it or not, people these days are stubborn and unless we tell them the worst facts about something, they just don’t take things seriously. Tell them how dangerous it is to not follow the precautions while working with vibratory tools and what effects they can have on their body.

Here are some of the health effects caused by vibrations that you can include in your toolbox talk to make it more effective.

  • Vibration White Fingers (VWF): Whitening or blanching of fingers.
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) may include symptoms such as:
    • Vibrations can cause the loss of grip and a person might end up not being able to hold or lift things up.
    • Loss of sensation may occur and you might not feel anything upon touch.
    • Bone cyst in wrists and fingers.

Explain the Precautions That Can Prevent the Health Issues

Now that you have told people about the seriousness of using such tools, it’s time to bring things to a lighter note. You should tell people that the diseases mentioned earlier are not reversible, but with adequate precautions and controls, you can most certainly prevent them from ever happening.

Mention some of the precautions such as:

  • Smoking affects blood circulation and if you are a heavy smoker, these vibration tools will have a harsher effect on you. Urge people to quit smoking and focus on better health.
  • Ask people to avoid holding the tools too tightly and have a loose grip, but make sure to have proper control over the tool. Allow the tool to do the job it is intended to do and don’t force it to work harder.
  • Use anti-vibration gloves to avoid any mishaps. These gloves will dissipate the vibratory sensations and they will also allow you to have a better grip on the tool while holding it lightly.
  • Use the tool for a particular period of time and give some rest to your hands before continuing the task.
  • If you have more workers available, schedule the time among each other so that no one has to hold vibrating tools for a longer period of time.
  • Avoid using tools that are blunt, because these tools will require more of your energy thus your hands will absorb more vibration.
  • If you are working in colder areas or during winter, then you should wear adequate clothing to keep your body and hands at an acceptable temperature. Try to keep your hands warm as much as possible.

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