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Toolbox Talker is your one stop resource and trusted partner for all of your Toolbox Talk needs. We have developed a range of Toolbox Talks ready for you to use and have more than 75 of the most common ones available. New material is added regularly and the existing ones are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis to keep them relevant and up to date with statutory and regulatory requirements.

What is a Toolbox Talk?

Toolbox talks, also referred to as safety briefings, is an efficient way to improve safety on site. It is an informal safety meeting that typically focuses on safety topics related to a specific job.

Regulations place a legal duty on employers to ensure their employees are not exposed to unnecessary risk during their work activities. Toolbox talks are not a legal requirement, but can be used as an efficient tool to ensure legal compliance.

Our Toolbox Talks

Since toolbox talks take time to prepare, they can be a drain on valuable resources. Our toolbox talks are ready to use and up to date with the latest regulations. They will save you time and cost on development, in addition to ensuring legal compliance.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talk Packages

Take advantage of our toolbox talk packages which contains a range of our toolbox talks at a reduced price.


TT-25 Toolbox Talk Package

Contains 25 of the most common toolbox talks and is ideal for small and medium companies who want some new material.


TT-50 Toolbox Talk Package

Contains 50 of the most common toolbox talks and is ideal for any company conducting toolbox talks on regular basis.


TT-75 Toolbox Talk Package

Contains 75 of the most common toolbox talks and is ideal for any company conducting toolbox talks on regular basis.


Newest Toolbox Talks

Below are the latest toolbox talks added on our site and ready for you to use. Continue to our toolbox talks page to browse through all of the toolbox talks or contact us if you have a special requests or need a bespoke product.

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Toolbox Talks to Cover All Your Safety Briefings.

Get access to an extensive amount of toolbox talks that will cover your needs for all of your safety briefings.
Save time and cost on development and use them to facilitate health and safety discussions on site, promoting a safety culture within your organisation.

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Recent Posts

Below are the latest health and safety posts from our blog related to toolbox talks, safety briefings, risk assessments, relevant regulations and COSHH amongst others. Visit our blog for regular updates and news.

Why Use Toolbox Talker

All of our toolbox talks are developed by a team of health and safety consultants who work with clients across various industries. They have been developed and trialed with success across a range of businesses and are updated regularly to ensure they are up to date with the latest regulations.

We have an extensive range of products available and a toolbox talk to cover each of your safety briefings. They are all ready to use immediately and saves you a substantial amount of time and cost in development of documentation.

If you need bespoke products such as a tailored health and safety training or a toolbox talk on a specific topic, then contact us for a free consultation of how we can support with your project.

Why Use Toolbox Talker


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