A toolbox talk is an informal group discussion on a specific safety issue related to some work due to be conducted or a change on the site. Toolbox talks keep employees informed and reminded about potential hazards associated with their work and the controls to be implemented. They can be used as a great tool to encouraging and improve the safety culture within an organisation. The number and frequency of incidents in a workplace can be significantly reduced through regular use of toolbox talks.

Certainly, a toolbox talk is an ideal approach in any industry who want to put emphasis on safety. It is the responsibility of a supervisor to study his/her responsibilities related to health and safety which include measures for the health and safety of people under his/her supervision.

Creating the Toolbox Talk on Hop Ups

Hop-ups are small and flat platforms that can offer additional height up to 600mm. When using hop-ups it is required to conduct a risk assessment to demonstrate the fact that there no other option practically possible to achieve the work more safely. A toolbox talk on hop ups is an efficient way to communicate any hazards and safety controls to personnel using them. In order for it to be effective, the supervisor providing the safety briefing must be clear on the Do’s and ‘Don’ts when using hop ups at the job site.

Hazards of Hop Ups

Great level of caution is essential where hops-up are used for making certain that the ground surface is firm and steady to avoid it from tilting during use. Likewise, the supervisor must ensure and make it clear to the team that an appropriate risk assessment has been performed and must be read prior to use.

Hop ups For Working at Height

There is no doubt that hop ups can be a very handy tool for working at height in certain circumstances. Examples of this include, but is not limited to hanging up pictures and working at a small height for a short period of time. Fact is, that when a person urgently needs to work at height and the correct piece of equipment is not available, he/she might take another piece of equipment or item to get their job done. Nevertheless, this decision tends to end with using something not designed for working and result in injuries. The supervisor must cover these details in the toolbox talk with practical example to convey a proper understanding about hop ups.

Hop ups are generally not dangerous if used in the rights conditions and the hazards and safety controls are known to the user. The best way to ensure this is with our Hop Ups Toolbox Talk.

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