In many instances, construction sites are quite busy with a lot of contractors, workers and vendors. They are all working at the same time and on different tasks on the construction site. Apparently, housekeeping is not always that exiting and workers don’t always take the time to tidy up on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, effective housekeeping on work site supports all types of safety protocols and works resourcefully in the long-term towards decreasing harmful events. Housekeeping in a workplace takes account of activities that form or preserve a safe, neat, clean, and organised workplace. We can significantly decrease the risk of accidents happening at a workplace, by keeping it clean and free of clutter.


In case proper housekeeping is not maintained in a workplace, then it most likely clutter will start to pile up, which can result in a huge range of accidents. One must also keep in mind that improper housekeeping can cause fire as well and that is why we need to avoid unnecessary storing of boxes and additional flammable material. In light of these facts, we cannot deny that a housekeeping construction toolbox talk is beneficial to ensure health and safety practices. In order to write an efficient housekeeping construction toolbox talk, one needs to address some key points as outlined below.

Making it as a Routine Task

On a construction site, good housekeeping is maintained instead of being something that is accomplished. The focal point to address in a housekeeping construction toolbox talk, is that employees should be performing small housekeeping tasks during their daily routine, in order to maintain and keep their workplace tidy at all times. Efficient workers will integrate cleaning up and fine-tuning their working area, into their daily routine. By doing so, the housekeeping aspect of a job, never becomes an overwhelming task.

Hazards and How to Reduce Them

The supervisor must always address the hazards at a workplace and be aware of how to reduce them in terms of housekeeping. A key hazard in this aspect is waste. Various types of waste that gathers in and around the jobsite, can come to be a risk factor for workers. Every so often, waste is tough to handle due to being sharp and may include items such as nails. Therefore, there should be dedicated waste areas in the workplace and it must be assured that everyone throws all waste in these designated spaces. More to the point, waste areas should be marked in a noticeable and clear manner.

Another dangerous element is clutter, which consists of things such as tools left around on the ground, ladders and other equipment spread throughout the work space. In situations like this, workers can stumble over and smash into things causing injuries. To prevent these kinds of incidents, the workers should be asked not to leave any tool or material unattended at any work space. We must ensure that equipment’s and additional materials are stored away from pathways and emergency exits. Furthermore, ‘Wet Surfaces’ can cause harmful accidents to any person being there. If surfaces such as floors are wet, then the chances of people slipping are more likely. For that reason, the workers should be asked to use suitable footwear to avoid slipping. In case anyone spill something, then he/she should clean it up, or at least ask someone else responsible to do so asap. The employees should be mindful of bad weather leading towards slip risks, for example wet floors and muddy paths while working outside.

In addition to that, poor hygiene can also cause dangerous situations at a job site. It can lead towards health issues if facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms aren’t cleaned regularly in a suitable way. Employers must ensure that workers clean themselves properly after handling hazardous chemicals, or are exposed to other harmful substances. Workers should be asked to use designated bathrooms.

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