In recent years there has been more and more focus on the environment and how to protect it. World leaders are meeting on regular basis to discuss how to cut CO2 emissions and the temperatures keep increasing to record highs year after year.

Any employer has obligations to protect the environment in all activities carried out as part of their operation. This include, making workers aware how they need to contribute and stay within the legal requirements.

Hot topics include, but is not limited to:

  • Global Warming
  • Destruction of tropical rain forests
  • Continuing increase in CO² emissions

This toolbox talk helps getting workers to focus on environmental issues and how to protect the environment while cutting cost.

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Items Covered in the Environmental Awareness Toolbox Talk

Our environmental awareness toolbox talk is split up in following sections:

  • Introduction: An induction to protecting the environment and how it benefits an employer in terms of cost saving and increased opportunities.
  • Contributing to a Greener Environment: Outline how to contribute to a greener environment and the benefits it can bring.
  • Control Measures: Define controls which easily can be implemented to protect the environment and reduce cost.
  • The Law: List the regulations relevant to environmental awareness.
  • Toolbox Talk Questions: Include a few questions to validate attendees understanding of the toolbox talk.

Each of our toolbox talks include an additional page where relevant hazards on site can be identified and discussed, together with an attendance list where participants can be recorded and sign.

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