Despite the fact that a lot of operations do not vary much every day in general industry, still one can observe a considerable number of hazards present that may possibly cause harm to the workforce. Although, most of the worksite injuries and fatalities are seen in the construction industry, they take place within the general industry as well. Therefore, in every industry, toolbox talks become a significant tool to increase awareness on health and safety to prevent hazards by means of following safe work practices.

Toolbox talks in general industry could be based on the topics outlined below.

Back Injuries and Prevention Safety Talk

In a lot of workplaces, one of the most common and hardest to avoid injuries are back Injuries. One of the main toolbox talks to prevent this issue is a Manual Handling Toolbox Talk, and is one of the common toolbox talks in general industry. One must be aware of the fact that every year these kinds of injuries make up a greater part of worker’s compensation. The supervisor or trainer can discuss key details such as:

  • Are there any dangerous lifts that can be reduced in our everyday functions?
  • Can we use engineering controls when it is not possible to eliminate a lift?

Burn Hazards and Injury Prevention Safety Talk

Whether we are at home or at work, burn injuries are common at both places. According to the statistics, a significant number of people are hospitalized each year due to burns. This makes safety talks such as Hot Work Toolbox Talk and PPE Toolbox Talk vital toolbox talks. When it comes to burn injuries there are different types including thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns and sun burn. The attendees should have a clear understanding about the sources of burns at work as well as at home. The worker should know about the type of burn hazards at their workplace and industry, along with the precautionary measure to protect themselves from these hazards.

Fall Protection Toolbox Talk

Another one of the popular toolbox talks in general industry is Slips Trips And Falls Toolbox Talk. This one is extremely important, since falls are a primary cause of severe injuries taking place at work. The risk for falls is increased in different scenarios, e.g., when the floor still is wet after being washed. Additionally, various unsafe acts by a worker can cause fall incidents. Hence, the tasks that can lead towards a fall injury at a given jobsite should be discussed as part of delivering the toolbox talk. In the same way the worker should be properly trained in preventive methods of fall protection, especially during high-risk work operation.

Electrical Safety Talk

Furthermore, for electrical safety, an Electrical Toolbox Talk is also a common toolbox talk in the general industry, because majority of workplaces are affected by electricity related hazards. Electricity hazards are present in general industry, construction, and even in the farming industry. It becomes quite important to be aware of electrical safety and understand the risks electricity can be. The attendees must know about the importance of identifying the electrical hazards around them with suitable methods to avoid their harmful effects. In order to check workers understanding they can be asked about some electrical hazards they could come across in their daily routines and by what means they can be mitigated for the security of their well-being.

Ladder Use General Safety Talk

Moreover, in general industry the Ladder Toolbox Talk and Step Ladder Toolbox Talk are common toolbox talks as well, because ladders are a necessary instrument on lots of workplaces and homes too. Ladders cause a noteworthy number of injuries at worksites. It becomes really important to have proper knowledge about them, because their usage is wide spread and the inherent hazard of working at heights cannot be ignored at any cost. The workers understanding about the hazards associated with ladder, applying essential safe work practices, and avoiding self-righteousness can turn out to be a life saver.

The supervisors must endeavor to make the most of this time by selecting those topics that are relevant to the ongoing work within an organisation. Last but not the least, one should not be afraid to try some new ideas instead of old routine topics, as they can provide a fresh viewpoint on safety for the general industry workers, who have been in their role for many years.

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