A confined space is one which is enclosed or largely enclosed. It has not been designed and constructed for continuous human occupancy. It is a space where atmospheric hazards may occur because of its construction, location, contents, or because of work that is conducted within it.

A confined space may be small and restrictive for the worker; however, could also be far larger such as a grain storage silo.

When working in confined spaces, employers and employees are required to follow the regulations Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. Our confined space toolbox talk helps employers keep their employees safe and stay compliant with the law.

Working within a confined space is very dangerous if proper training hasn’t been provided and the type of hazards associated with the work is not understood. More than half of the incidents are people attempting a rescue someone working within a confined space, which indicate there is a need for further education on the hazards and required controls to eliminate incidents.

Items Covered in the Confined Space Toolbox Talk

Our confined space toolbox talk is split up in following sections:

  • Introduction: Provides an overview of what a confined space is.
  • Examples of Confined Space: This section provides examples of where you typically would see confined spaces across different industries or occupations.
  • The Dangers: This section covers the health & safety risks when working within a confined space.
  • Control Measures: Outline controls that can be used to eliminate and/or reduce hazards related to working within a confined space.
  • The Law: List regulations that employers are obligated to comply with when working within a confined space.
  • Toolbox Talk Questions: Includes a few questions to assess attendees understanding of the confined space toolbox talk.

Each of our toolbox talks include an additional page where relevant dangers on site can be identified and discussed, together with an attendance list where participants can be recorded and sign.

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