Lockout Tagout is also referred to as LOTO and is a procedure used to ensure that equipment is shut down and can’t be started until maintenance or repair work is completed. This is to avoid employees getting injured or killed while servicing or repairing machinery.

LOTO consist of placing a lock or tag on an energy-isolating device in accordance with an established procedure. This is to indicate that the energy isolating device is not to be operated until removal of the lock or tag.

In practice, lockout is isolating the energy from the relevant machine or equipment and physically locks the system in a safe mode. The device used can be anything that has the ability to secure the energy isolating device in a safe position.

There are no specific UK regulations relating directly to lockout and tagout of systems. However, within Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 outlines that work equipment should not result in health and safety risks. Additionally, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 covers to the importance of isolating electrical equipment before working on live circuits.

Our lockout tagout toolbox talk helps keep employees safe and reduce health and safety issues in workplaces where maintenance and repairs of machines and equipment take place.

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Items Covered in the Lockout Tagout Toolbox Talk

Our lockout tagout toolbox talk is split up in following sections:

  • Introduction: An introduction to lockout and tagout of systems.
  • The Hazards: Outlines the hazards around maintenance and repair of live systems and equipment.
  • Control Measures: Defines the controls to ensure machines and equipment are isolated from their power source prior to working on them.
  • The Law: List the regulations relevant to lockout and tagout.
  • Toolbox Talk Questions: Include a few questions to validate attendees understanding of the toolbox talk.

Each of our toolbox talks include an additional page where relevant hazards on site can be identified and discussed, together with an attendance list where participants can be recorded and sign.

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